Daily Archives: June 9, 2016

Timeout for Art: Cat’s Day


collagraph, Cat's Day


The title of this piece, “Cat’s Day,”  came from a poem by Jim Harrison. The idea for using it as inspiration came from hearing about an assignment given to a friend in one of her art classes.  She was told to illustrate her day, with lines and shapes and colors, but not with images. To draw the day from  inside the action, not from an onlooker’s perspective. Her finished drawing was filled with emotion: the slow, easy movement of waking up in the morning was characterized by one type of line, flowing and soft; the line became hard edged, dark, scribbled or broken as other activities were  introduced.

Having shared my home with cats, I had a good idea of how things changed from one moment to the next. From dozing lazily on the back of the sofa to leaping across the room after a sunbeam to wrestling with an empty grocery sack, a cat’s day is a blend of energies. With that in mind, I had fun putting together all of the disparate shapes in this collagraph. The varied forms and textures opened up lots of opportunities to play with combinations of color. I liked the imbalance and the irregularity. I think the title pulls it all together.