Timeout for Art: Just Art?


collagraph, Touch Point

In response to my request for ideas to fill these pages every day, one friend suggested that I just post a picture of a piece of art:

“Just the art. No description needed. Just something you did. That we can appreciate (because we will!). Let us see the art and add our thought/feeling that it provokes……”

Well bless her heart! That sounds wonderful! Not only would I not be needing to make art to talk about, I wouldn’t even need to talk…or write.

But is it cheating? Unfortunately, it feels kind of like cheating. If I commit to writing a blog a day…and then manage it, through hell and high water, for one hundred and forty-five days…I don’t want to take the chance that someone will pull out a rule book and tell me I failed because a blog means words or some such nonsense. So i will write, dammit, even if it’s foolish drivel like this.

Another friend suggested that I post a piece of art and talk about it:

“How about talking about one piece of art that you created per week and any memories surrounding that piece?”

Well, just to avoid the “foolish drivel” designation, let me give a little background.

This is a collagraph print. It is made using a collagraph plate that I created when I was a graduate student at Michigan State University. I was in a not-always-successful relationship; I had two teen-aged daughters; I had a killer schedule of work and classes; I was often desperately lonely for my home on the island. In the middle of a long winter, I got a card from my friend, Topper, on Beaver Island. He gave me all the “news” from home, most of it lies and invention, and it made me feel connected when I most needed it.

I made the collage from his card and letter: I cut the heart from the card stock; the envelope contributed the rectangle shapes; some worn out sandpaper scraps formed the wing-like bits on either side of the heart. Drops of glue march across the top border. It makes me think of a stage, with the curtains pulled back…and there is the heart, exposed, open, sharing.

I titled it “Touch Point.”

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  1. I love this piece, for all that goes into it.

    And I was touched you included my comment! πŸ™‚ I love to write, but recently I have included what could loosely be referred to as “drawings” though personally I think of them as “doodles”. Now, just to continue our conversation. This piece of art you just shared? It DOES write a story. WIth color, form, shapes, and emotion. The story isn’t told to us with words. But the story is written in that piece of art. πŸ™‚ And I love it. I don’t think you’re cheating when your passionate muse is art. And your art tells a story. Grant it, we may not KNOW the story. πŸ™‚ But it still writes it’s own purpose in it’s very creative way. And I love it.

    • Thank you for these kind and thoughtful (and thought provoking) comments. I agree that art speaks; any of us that use art as a means of communication are especially alert to the nuances of line and color that provoke particular emotions. I’m just not sure if it qualifies as a blog. It was fun to revisit the events and thoughts that led up to a piece of art, though, and I’m going to do more of that. Thank you for the suggestion, and for your kind comments!

    • Thank you, Sara! Collagraphs are fun, because I can use different color combinations each time I print an image. I like seeing them side by side. It has been a good exercise for seeing what works, too.

  2. Wonderful, Cindy! I don’t quite understand how you did it, but I love it! I’m sure I have many such works of art in my house, just waiting for someone to make them happen. I’m going to keep on keeping them!

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