Daily Archives: May 16, 2016

On the Road Again…


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Today, I’m traveling.

After three days off island with lots of shopping, walking, talking and laughing, today is the day to go home. I have a long list to accomplish before I get on the road, from scheduling my flight to rearranging the vehicle to accommodate all of my new belongings. Right now, I’m deflating my bed…while drinking my first cup of coffee and writing. Once underway, I have aboutĀ  three hours of driving to get me to Charlevoix airport, where I’ll wait for my scheduled twenty minute flight to the island.

Then home, where another long list needs to be ticked off. First, I’ll walk out to get my own car from the back parking lot, and drive it around to the terminal, to pick up my luggage. I have to get theĀ  keys back to Aunt Katie; she’ll need the vehicle for a doctor visit tomorrow. After several days away, I probably have a big mound of mail to be picked up at the Post Office. I’ll retrieve Rosa Parks from the dog kennel, where she has (I imagine) been sadly pining for me. I’m bringing a surprise home for her…I’ll write more about that tomorrow. Then there is the unloading of the car, the unpacking of bags and boxes and suitcases, and then the laundry.

It’s seven o’clock in the morning. This is the start of a long, long day!