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The 52 lists Project #20



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List the things that make your spirit feel free:

  • Warm breezes
  • Summer nights
  • A nice booming thunderstorm
  • Walking barefoot on a sandy beach
  • Singing out loud. Except for the rare “Happy Birthday” exception, I never do this in public. I sing, though, while walking through the woods or down the Fox Lake Road. I sing in the car. Sometimes, I sing in the shower. I sing to babies and dogs – who don’t care that I really can’t sing – whenever I get the chance.
  • Giggling uncontrollably.
  • Painting, when it’s going well
  • Writing, when I’m in the zone
  • Reading, when it’s inspirational
  • Listening to Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits or the Beatles
  • Riding bicycle – fast – down a slope that is pitched just right for speed, coasting ability and safety. No elements of danger for my free spirit!