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Have I become too predictable?

Me, the most inconsistent person on the planet?

My friend, Kathy, is cultivating the unexpected in her life. If she thinks to herself, “I can’t go for a run, it’s pouring down rain,” she will gear up and head outside for a run, just to surprise herself. Whether an experience she never imagined she’d like or an activity she isn’t drawn to, she’ll try it because it’s unexpected. She’s an inspiration! Doing things that our psyches are not prepared for gets the nerves tingling, the heart racing and – in the fairly safe and predictable world we live in – that’s a rare and good feeling.

Inconsistent is a little different. It means that even though I know I do better if I avoid coffee in the afternoon, I may drink it anyway, just for sport. It means that I can’t be counted on to be at my job at the same time each day: sometimes I’m there on time; most days I’m late. Sometimes I skip lunch to make up for it; sometimes not. I’m supposed to go to Aunt Katie’s to clean on a particular day and time. I play fast and loose with that, too. Sometimes I respond to letters and phone calls; sometimes I don’t. Inconsistent, in my case, means unreliable.

Yet, amazing to me, I have been very consistent in my writing. This year, I’ve been posting a blog every day, usually first thing in the morning. Even the subject matter has become predictable, with “the 52 lists project” on Sundays, “timeout for art” on Thursdays, and moving from one past address to another on the days in between.

Today, my day off, I had a ten o’clock meeting in town. I had bookkeeping to do before I left the house, so that I could go to the bank. It was my day to clean at Aunt Katie’s, so I scheduled that in, too.

The breakfast meeting was thoroughly enjoyable as my friend and I caught up on business and other things. Other friends joined us and the conversation broadened to many topics of interest. I stayed longer than I’d planned. Still, I made it to the bank before they closed, to the post office and then the hardware store, to take care of a couple matters. Next, my aunt’s house, for my duties there. She has five newly hatched baby chicks in the back room off the kitchen, and I took time to snap a few pictures. Home, I had to make a couple calls, and do a few household chores. Before settling in for the evening, Rosa Parks and I took a drive down to Fox Lake.

It was after I returned from that outing that I noticed the light on the answering machine blinking. Two messages, from two different individuals, making sure I was okay…as they hadn’t yet seen my blog today! Maybe I need to shake things up a bit, so folks don’t worry if I’m not on schedule. “Unexpected” may be the order of the day!