Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

Late Today


flowers may 1 2013 001

After working at the computer all morning, I ran out to go to the bank. Just in the nick of time, too, as bank hours have changed: I thought I had until 2PM, but now they are closing at 1:00. I arrived at five minutes before closing, with a stack of little checks to endorse and deposit, to cover the payment I had ready to drop in the mail.

I had lunch in town, then was off to the grocery store to do a little shopping for my aunt, and to get a few things I needed. A stop at the post office, to drop off and pick up mail, buy a roll of stamps and send one small package. Two more stops, then, before I could go home.

At home, I decided to take the little dog for a ride down the road to Fox Lake. I brought the camera and a book – just in case. Rosa Parks came with full enthusiasm and curiosity. The trees are in bud, the water was bright blue, and the little excursion did us both good.

All day, I felt like I was forgetting something. I’d run through the list of articles I was working on, glance around the house for something that needed to be taken care of. Was there a stop in town that I was supposed to make but didn’t? Was there something else I should have picked up at the grocery store? Was I missing something? What?

I had not yet written a blog today! How could I forget? Of course, I thought of it when I first got out of bed. With a hundred other things pressing, I put it off for later. I remembered it at lunchtime, when a friend mentioned that she enjoyed reading it. I thought of it on the drive home, but put it out of my mind when Rosa Parks greeted me with such tail-wagging excitement.

Now, here it is: suppertime. This is my one hundred and twenty-fifth consecutive post! It’s late; I’m tired. Some days, I do my best; other days, just getting it done is the best I can do.