Daily Archives: April 28, 2016

Timeout for Art: Talking


clay work

I spent some time yesterday talking with friends about art. Not my own work, and not theirs either, but art that we’ve admired or that we’d like to try. There aren’t very many opportunities for that in my life lately, and I miss it.

In college, there were a dozen chances a day to speak with others about art. After a while, it seemed like we’d all get too much “in our heads” about it, and it would be helpful to step back. Sometimes the best conversations are just between the artist and the materials.

I like the “conversations” that go on between art works. When created by the same person, there’s always an ongoing dialogue that adds intensity and interest to each individual piece when viewed among its “peers.” A good curator can create interactions between disparate works by different artists by careful juxtaposition.

Yesterday was simple: just the pleasure of a chat, with art as the subject.