Daily Archives: April 18, 2016

Not This Day


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Today I woke up with the same headache I went to sleep with last night.

This is also the day I spent several hours on mounds of book work and only completed some of it.

After extra days to get it done, this is the day I still had to resign myself to the fact that my taxes will not be filed on time.

This is the day I finally got through to my daughter, after several days of trying to call her. That call resulted in an argument that was sad and hurtful for both of us, and little accomplished anyway.

It is the day I opened a letter filled with well-meaning and fact-based, but devastating criticism of my work on the Beacon, with a suggestion that I give it up “before the contents become completely irrelevant.”

This is the day I invited company for dinner…and was unable to reach them to cancel, when I realized I was too frustrated and sad to be good company.

So, today, in spite of myself, I planned a dinner and went to the grocery store. I cleared the table by making one big pile (though I’d sworn I wouldn’t) on the desk out of the many small piles (tax stuff, Beacon stuff, blog stuff, correspondence and bills) that were taking up table space. This is the day I’ll cook a chicken and smile and make conversation.

This will not be the first day this year that I don’t publish a blog…because that would mean this day has won, and I don’t want that. Not this day.