Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

One More Day


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I am definitely on the mend. I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Maybe not 100%, but good enough. That means today is my last day off for the week.

I have to admit that when Sue, at the Medical Center, told me I’d need two days at home to recuperate, I was a little giddy. I thought, “Finally, time to get all of the stuff done that has been piling up forever!” I had a long list that included bookkeeping, writing, editing and making phone calls for the Beacon,  about a million sorting, cleaning and organizing chores around my house, and a couple dozen projects in the studio.

In the back of my mind, I was cheering just a little bit about all the movies I could watch, and the reading and writing I could do, if I couldn’t do anything else…like an enforced vacation!

This is my fourth day at home, as the two I had to take off – Saturday and Sunday – ran up against Monday and Tuesday, my normal two days off. It didn’t quite work out as I’d planned.

I couldn’t lift much of anything, or move too quickly, or even stand or sit for more than a few minutes for the first 48 hours. Every single chore was a gargantuan effort, with back pain combined with medicines that made me groggy. I managed to put a couple movies in the DVD player, but fell asleep before they were over. I was too sleepy to read. I spent most of my time stretched out on a mattress on the floor. When awake, my biggest accomplishment was changing out the heat pack for the ice pack every ten minutes. Mostly, I dozed.

Yesterday, I was able to move around much more freely. I managed to get a little of the chores done around here, and some of the work for the Beacon. Today, I’m even better. Good thing! I’m going back to work tomorrow. Everything else I want to get done has to be done today.

It wasn’t much of a vacation, that’s for sure!