Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #15


All Pics to July 21 241List your dream trips:

  • I’d love to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids, with a guide who could remind me of the history and the stories, and a friend who would share the magic.
  • Ireland, Scotland and Germany, to visit the places my ancestors came from, and to get a sense of their lives.
  • Washington D.C., at cherry blossom time, because my mom often spoke of it.
  • I’d love to visit Hawaii…but not in this time. I’d like to see it as Mark Twain did, before it was a state, and before it was transformed by western industry.
  • Greece, especially Athens with all of the glorious old ruins.
  • Rome, for art and  history: the catacombs, the baths and the Vatican.
  • I’d love to see Switzerland as it was described in Heidi,
  • Paris when the Impressionists were young,
  • Cuba when Hemingway enjoyed it,
  • and I want to welcome the new year of 1900 in New York City.

I’d like all of these trips better if I could experience them as a native, rather than a tourist…so, that’s my dream