Daily Archives: April 3, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #14


april 30 012List the ways you can cleanse your life for spring:

  • I’m looking closely at the foods I eat. After years of stubbornly sticking to my “not so bad” eating habits, I am trying something else. The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas is not about counting calories. It’s not about eating only foods that someone else dictates for you. No one food or food group is the enemy. Not carbs or sugar or meat or gluten. Calories are not evil. Even portion sizes are not the problem. Inflammation is the culprit. Inflammation can cause our bodies to bloat, to gain five pounds overnight (though I swear I didn’t eat five pounds of anything!), and to age prematurely. It can cause migraines, depression and disease. Most importantly, the foods that cause inflammation¬† differ from one person to the next, based on body chemistry. Now, this makes sense to me. The author suggests you start with the foods that are least reactive in most people (based on years of tallying results) and add foods one by one to test individual reactions to them. It requires weighing yourself every morning to determine what foods cause your body to gain weight, as that is the easiest way to determine your tolerance. Keeping track of the foods you eat until you see a pattern, and drinking the right amount of water are the only requirements. I’ve been reading up on this for quite a while. I’m ready! Spring is a good time to clean up my diet!
  • I’m cleaning up my garden. This year, I will not be looking out onto an overgrown, neglected mess. I’m pruning and mulching, weeding and raking. This year, my garden will be beautiful!
  • I’m finishing up projects: putting the final touches on paintings, getting things done in the house and organizing storage spaces.