Daily Archives: April 2, 2016

April Fool


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I drove home last evening through a beautiful winter landscape. I snatched up my camera and headed back outside with the little dog. It was too wet for the shoes I was wearing, too cold for the light spring jacket I had on. I had too many pressing things to do, really, to even take the time.

No matter.

Last week, I was admiring forsythia in bloom along old streets in Connecticut. I was spotting trees in bud, daffodils and day lilies poking out of my flower beds, and the forest floor turning green.

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Yesterday, perfectly timed on the first of April, winter returned – at least momentarily – to Beaver Island. Big, heavy flakes drifted down and coated everything in fresh, bright white. As breathtaking as the first snow of winter and surprising enough to remind me how naive I can be. At my age, for my cynical self to still feel amazed at what the weather is doing, is a blessing in itself.

I couldn’t let it go by without notice.

Of course, it won’t last.

Yesterday, though, I set aside my list of obligations. Dinner preparations were delayed. Phone calls had to wait. On the first of April, I went out and tramped through the snow. In my soggy shoes, with my little dog jumping and prancing along beside me, I was happy to play the fool.

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