The 52 Lists Project #7


feb20 002

Week #7: List all the people who brighten your day

My family:

  • My daughters, Jen and Kate, who are both intelligent, witty, beautiful and fun, and each bring their own unique gifts to my life.
  • My brothers and sisters, every one. With laughter, generosity, understanding, caring and shared history and memories, my sibling enrich and brighten all my days.
  • My parents, who each gave me such good lessons as to how to approach a situation, deal with adversity and keep a sense of humor about what life deals out, continue to brighten my days. Their lessons carry on; they are still with me in spirit.

My friends:

The ones that are here on Beaver Island, that I see often; the ones in distant places that I see rarely; the ones I share long history with; the ones I just got to know… my friends keep me grounded, remind me what’s important, and bring joy to my life.

My co-workers:

I’ve discovered some of the dearest people through work. I have forged life-long friendships with people I would otherwise have little in common with, through just working together. Emma Jean Belfy, Catherine White and Chris Butler came into my life through my first job here on Beaver Island, serving breakfast at the Shamrock Bar. There have been dozens of others over the years. Last Sunday, I was working alone at the hardware. John Runberg, who works with me there a couple days a week, called me from his home.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. I was just thinking about buying a candy bar,” I answered.

“Just give me a few minute,” he said, “I’ll bring you some breakfast.”

Days don’t get much brighter than that!

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