Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

Who Knows Me?


february2016 002

I have a piece of foil that I’ve been re-using for about three years. It wasn’t new to start with. It was a scrap that had been used to wrap something or cover a dish. It was torn, too small for most jobs, but too good to throw away. Not that I would have just thrown it away; here on Beaver Island, we recycle just about everything. Aluminum foil is one of those items that has its own bin at the Transfer Station. In my mind, this piece of foil wasn’t ready for the recycle bin, either. I use it to cover the can of dog food each day. I have one of those snap-on plastic lids designed for covering a can of dog food. I may dig it out and put it to use, too, when I have to. For now, this piece of foil is doing a fine job.

february2016 003

I have another piece of foil that I save in a plastic bag in the freezer. I take it out, unfold it, and use it when I make chocolate no-bake cookies orĀ  chocolate butterscotch haystacks. When the cookies have set, and can be moved to a plate or packed into bags for sharing, I re-fold the foil and save it until I need it again.

february2016 004

Another plastic bag keeps butter wrappers at the ready, in case I should ever need to butter a pan before putting batter or bread dough in it.

At my sink, I have an ancient “scrubby” that is almost – but not quite – ready for retirement, having lost almost all its grit and scrubbing power over the last several years of use.

I have about fifty corks, saved from wine bottles over the years. There are things to make by re-purposing them, when I have enough. I drink wine, but not daily. At this point I wonder if there’s time in my lifeĀ  to collect enough corks to make a decorative wall treatment or a backdrop for a dartboard. Still, I can’t bring myself to throw them away. Maybe I should just make a trivet and be done with it.

My studio is filled bit bits and pieces that – someday – might be exactly what I need. Some are sorted by material: metal, wood, paper; others by shape. One large tote of paper scraps has devolved into such a dense mound of paper, finding a particular piece would be almost impossible. Still, when I try to sort, it all seems precious.

My sister and I got together last week, for a little visit. I had to attend a seminar in Clare; I went down a day early, and Brenda drove up to meet me. As usual, she brought presents.

First, a cordless phone, so that I can once again walk through the house while having a conversation. I’m no longer tethered to the cold corner of the office by the telephone cord! Second, a computer, to replace the one that crashed at Thanksgiving-time, just out of pure generosity and kindness on the part of Brenda and her husband, Keith. A bag of hand-me-down clothes, every one thoughtfully chosen based on my size and preferences. That led to a fun hour of trying everything on! There was another bag of bath salts, crossword puzzles, and books because Brenda never forgets that I love them all.

Finally, a bag of letters. Laminated ABCs, with the capital on one side, the small letter on the other. Hundreds of them! “Keith bought a small chest…these were inside…if you don’t want them, we’ll just throw them away…” Are you kidding?! Throw them away!?! I LOVE them!

It’s nice to know that no matter how quirky and odd my habits may seem, Brenda knows and understands me!

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