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The 52 Lists Project #6


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Week 6: List the ways you love to have fun:

I love to

  • Read
  • Write
  • Work puzzles
  • Play word games
  • Play trivia
  • Plan
  • Arrange things
  • Rearrange things
  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Take pictures
  • Garden
  • Walk

Most activities are solitary, true.

My mother once said, “Of anyone, Cindy could live on Beaver Island just fine. She always was the most anti-social of all my children.”

My sisters and brothers once jokingly decided I was the most likely to be able to survive in prison, for many reasons including my enjoyment of being alone, my ability to entertain myself with just a book or a deck of cards, and my appreciation for cafeteria food.

I do reach out, though, through my art and my writing. Sometimes, though rarely, I even enjoy hanging out, having conversations and laughing.