More Building On…



hunt road

looking toward the house – kitchen side – from the newly plowed garden

There were more additions to the house over the years.

The back door soon led to the “back room” instead of the back yard. It was laundry room, guest room, extra dining space, play room and party room. For a while, it was where we set up the Christmas tree. It held a large freezer, an extra refrigerator, washer, dryer, a big sink, the round clothes-folding table that is now my dining room table, and Grandpa Ted’s roll top desk (until it caught fire one Christmas Eve, and had to be dragged outside). It had an old TV and a pull-out couch that served as a bed for many wayward individuals, and that we used to crowd onto late on Friday nights to watch scary movies. There was a big metal cabinet in the back room that held winter hats and gloves, board games and puzzles. There was a toy box back there when my daughters were small. For a while, there was a wood stove where Dad would simmer soup all day. There was a door to the outside dead center on either side of the room, and each door led to a large cement porch. A window on the back wall looked out over the yard and to the field beyond.

In time, the utility room became a second full bathroom with a sink, stool and shower sharing space with the large furnace, and the shelves and cupboards of canned goods.

Before too long, we lost the sidewalk and the pink cement step. We also lost the front door and the front windows in master bedroom and living room, as Dad added a closed in porch that spanned the entire front of the house. It’s roof extended over the front wall of the kitchen, creating shade where the sun had always poured in. It was a long, narrow room with windows all around. Mom’s houseplants thrived there. We used it for wedding showers, baby showers and other parties, and for extra dining space sometimes. That became the room for the Christmas tree. Brenda and Keith got married in that room. Twenty-five years later, we had my daughter Kate’s baby shower there. Those are only two examples of many gatherings held in that porch room.

Dad eventually bought the property next to us, where he’d been gardening for so many years. He put up a garage on that side of the house. Dick Burris poured the cement for it. Dad moved the wood stove to the garage, and simmered his soups and stews out there. He also kept chickens in cages in the garage, for a while.

Play houses and storage sheds and chicken houses peppered the back yard. Because Brenda and Keith had their wedding and reception at home, Dad built a large dance floor in the back yard for the occasion. It was later used as the foundation for another structure. The garage was put up, I think, to accommodate another wedding party, but I can’t remember if it was Sheila’s or Cheryl’s…or maybe someone else entirely.

That’s just about all of the adding-on and building, except for incidentals.




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