Daily Archives: January 14, 2016

Timeout for Art: What’s Going On?


january2016 085

Not much going on in my studio the last few days, but come, I’ll show you around.

Coming up to the top of the stairs, a bookcase fills the landing. If you looked to the right, you’d see the bedroom door, painted pale gray with the word “BED” stenciled on it in white. To the left is the studio door. Notice the “Paint” sign my granddaughter made for me, on top of the bookcase, with the arrow pointing the way to the studio. A stuffed hand hangs on the doorknob, and points to the poster. The framed poster is an old one, designed in the late seventies to promote a new city-wide art program in Portland, Oregon. As I understand, it was the mayor of Portland that posed as the flasher for the picture.

The other side of that door looks like this:

january2016 081

Pinch pots, just the right size to fit in the bowl of your hand, are waiting to be fired.

Drawers hold works in many styles, and various stages of completion.

Collage papers are collected and gathered together on every available surface.

Usually I have something hanging. or leaning against a wall to look at, to try to figure out what it needs. Right now, it’s this large piece:

january2016 067

I’m planning to soon have progress on current works to report. For today, though, just this little tour.