Daily Archives: January 11, 2016

Let Me Be Clear…


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I didn’t ask for this.

When, a few weeks ago,  I casually mentioned that I’d like to see some snow, things were different.

First of all, it was Christmas season. We all know, from every Christmas card ever printed, there should be a nice blanket of snow on the ground at Christmastime, to make things look festive. It should also be sparkly, and drifting down in big flakes that you can catch on your [red] mittens or on your tongue. That’s just Christmas; I didn’t invent the requirement, I just mentioned (casually) that Mother Nature wasn’t living up.

Second, it had been a long, dreary fall since the leaves left the trees, with nothing to make the landscape more interesting. In my yard, I was faced with the last of the fallen leaves spread over the bare ground. They lay there in plain view, advertising my neglect. Sometimes the wind would toss them around, and they’d get caught up in the tall grass…which clearly should have been mowed one last time before winter. I was looking out on a garden that should have been cut back, and cleared of old stalks. A nice covering of snow would hide all of that.

Third, it is winter. Here in northern Michigan, winter means snow. It can happen now, when we’re ready for it, or it can wait until February…and then hang on through the month of June. Given a choice, I’d just as soon have “winter” in the actual winter time.

Not that I was given a choice, mind you. Not that me wishing for snow caused the weather…let’s not think that. But…and let me be very clear…even if my mention of snow could bring it, I didn’t ask for this!

Please note that when I wished for snow, I said “a blanket of snow,” or “a nice snow cover.”

Never did I ever say I wanted frozen snow that is heavy to shovel and hard to walk through, that freezes in icy ridges that a car won’t move through. I never mentioned accompanying winds that send ice crystals blowing to freeze cheeks and drift over roads. You didn’t hear me wish for gusts of up to 40mph that cause meteorologists to talk about “dangerous conditions” and “wind chill factor” and the temperatures to feel much colder than they actually are. I never wanted weather that would make areas of my house feel just like a refrigerator.

No. Not me. I didn’t ask for this.