Daily Archives: January 9, 2016

Creative Fire Journal, Day #3


When it comes to discipline around my creativity, I’ve learned…

When it comes to discipline around my creativity, I’ve learned to show up.

That’s it.

No matter what brilliant ideas I have floating around in my head, nothing comes of them if I don’t sit down at the keyboard, or go to the studio, to actually bring them to life.

It works.

Many times, even if I don’t have ideas, showing up makes the difference.

At the desk, I’ll start typing out some random thoughts and before I know it, I have a direction, and a message to put out there. It may not be spectacular. It may not be of world-changing importance. It may not even be good. Whatever it is, it is better – for me – than nothing.

In the studio, I often start just by tidying up. I’ll organize supplies and materials, or inventory works that need to be finished or that need to be framed. I’ll measure for matts and frames. I’ll sharpen every pencil.  I’ll prime canvasses and add a base coat of color. I may pull out a book or two to reference an idea.If it’s been a while since I’ve spent time there – like now – this may go on for days  or even weeks.

Eventually, the materials will start talking to me again. If I continue showing up, the conversation will come easier; my direction will become clearer; ideas will start to flow.

As a younger person, I spent a lot of time waiting for inspiration.

Now I know, for me, inspiration is born out of showing up to work.