Daily Archives: January 8, 2016





I got up in the middle of the night – actually “the wee hours of the morning” would be more accurate – to write my daily blog. Yesterday was Thursday, so it was “Timeout for Art” day. I got a dish of cottage cheese. I remembered to photograph it before eating it,  so that I could post it on the social media page dedicated to the “5 day clean eating challenge.” I finished my writing and my snack, brushed my teeth and went back to bed…and slept right through the alarm.

Running late, I made coffee, turned on the heater in the bathroom, turned on the computer, packed breakfast and lunch, took snapshots of each, posted my blog, posted my photos, ran Rosa Parks around the yard, got into the shower, dressed and was out the door.

Still, I arrived late for work. I’m trying to do better about that, but so far with limited success. John, as always, had gotten there on time, had the lights on and all the opening chores done by the time I walked in. I started right away putting away freight, answering the phone and taking care of customers.  Jeff was taking vet appointments. The day continued.

In the early afternoon, Erin – home on break from college – brought her dog, Sadie, in to see the veterinarian.

“There’s a Snow Owl on the roof,” she announced excitedly as she came in the door.

“Really! Aren’t they beautiful?” I said.

I thought, “Too bad I’ve got all this work to do,” and continued stocking the shelves.

Jeff, the veterinarian, came downstairs. Erin repeated, with the same excitement in her voice, “There’s a Snow Owl on the roof!”

“There is?”

He grabbed his camera, and was out the door.

Erin followed, with Sadie.


Maybe they had the right idea…

I got down from the ladder, stepped outside and crossed the street.

Sure enough, there it was, perched right on top of the web-cam that sits on the roof of the hardware store.

The Snow Owl is a spectacular bird. Its size and presence are stunning. Sightings are rare enough that every one seems like a blessing.

Years ago, a Snow Owl sat all day on the roof of the Beachcomber Restaurant. I was working next door, serving breakfast at the Shamrock Bar. Between pouring coffee, taking orders and delivering food, I’d run outside just to stare up at the huge bird. I telephoned friends all over the island,  to tell them to come and see. By the end of the day, there was a small crowd outside, all looking up to the roof of the Beachcomber. I finished my shift and went outside to join them.

Yesterday, I almost worked right through it.

I’m so glad I was reminded otherwise!

The appearance of a magnificent Snow Owl on the roof of the hardware store on an otherwise average January day is an occurrence to pay attention to.

When the extraordinary presents itself, pause, step away from the ordinary, and appreciate the experience!

(photo by Jeff Powers, DVM)