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Unphotogenic Food


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Today is the first day of “Carla’s 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge,” and I am a participant (I know, right? What manner of nut am I, and how many more obligations can I possibly fit in to this one New Year??).

It’s only five days. There is no set menu. The rules are few: avoid processed foods; make healthy choices; post at least once a day. Simple. Too simple, perhaps, when it’s only the fourth of January and I’m still flying high on my crazy self-improvement phase.

I’ve already shopped. I already ate that gigantic dark chocolate candy bar (yes, the one that would usually last for almost two weeks, as I rationed one small square a day) so that it won’t be hanging over my head, interfering with my success. I’ve already kind of planned my meals, leaving room for changes based on mood or time constraints. I’ve been ready for days, raring to go.

With time to spare, I decided to photograph last night’s dinner. Trying to use up the ground beef before the challenge starts, I made smothered burger. I made a hamburger, fried it on one side, flipped it, then added two cups of sliced cabbage to the pan, topped it with about a quarter cup of grated cheese and covered the pan to finish cooking. It’s a fairly healthy, easy, very tasty, low-carb plateful of food.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph well. From any angle. Even with the cast iron pan as backdrop (doesn’t black go well with everything?), it looked bland. I un-smothered the burger and placed it on top of the cabbage. Now I had beige and bland. I arranged it nicely on a red plate (RED!), placed that neatly on the purple tablecloth (PURPLE!), and tried again. Nothing.

I quit trying, before I lost my appetite entirely. “I’ll do better tomorrow,” I thought.

It turns out, oatmeal is pretty pale, too.

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