Daily Archives: December 14, 2015

Blackout, Birthday and Business


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A cold December rain makes this a good day for working inside.

I’m waiting for a telephone call, which will then occupy me for at least an hour or two, so I don’t want to  go far from the phone, or get involved in a project I can’t easily walk away from.

That means I can’t work in the studio this morning. Paints squeezed out of tubes, glues and polymers set out in pots and brushes once put to use cannot be easily walked away from.

It means I can’t finish rolling out and baking the cookie dough that’s wrapped and waiting in the refrigerator.

It means I can’t go to town for visits to bank and post office.

That’s okay. There is plenty right here to be done.

In the kitchen, there are mixing bowls and baking sheets stacked in the drainer waiting to be put away. Cookbooks, flipped open to batter-stained pages with favored cookie recipes, adorn the counters. Yesterday, the hardware store held its annual Christmas shopping event. We had discounts and specials, drawings and giveaways. There were races down the aisles on plasma cars. Santa was there, too, for those who wanted to have their pet’s photo taken with him, for a freewill donation to the Friends of Beaver Island Animals. I made more than a hundred cookies for the event. My kitchen still shows the consequences.

In the laundry room, there are loads of washing to be done. I stripped the bed, so have a load of sheets and another of blankets. I have throw rugs to wash, and at least one load of dark clothes. I think there are still towels in the dryer that need to be folded. No matter how hard I try to keep up with the laundry all week, it seems I am always faced with a pile of it on my day off.

In the bedroom, I am in the middle of a “paring down” project. I have a giant box ready to be filled with clothes that I don’t wear, don’t want or don’t need. It will then be delivered to our Island Treasures Resale Shop, where the items will be offered for sale by the Fire Department Auxiliary. At this time, the box is one-quarter full, drawers are opened, clothes are stacked in piles for assessment and it is a big transitional mess.

The living room has the usual accumulation of dust and clutter to be dealt with.

The desk, as always these days, is mounded with papers to be filed and issues to be handled.

As for writing, I’m behind here, too.

Since I last posted we had a major internet blackout here on Beaver Island. It is reported that a hub in Chicago was to blame, and it may have affected areas beyond this island. The internet went down at 12:34PM on December 9th, and was not restored until 3:08PM on December 10th. During that time, credit cards could not be run at the hardware store. The internet broadcast from our little island radio station could not be heard. We all realized (and maybe felt a little ashamed) at how heavily we had come to rely on the internet for daily news, entertainment and communication. I, for one, was surprised at how much more time there seemed to be in an evening, when internet Scrabble or Netflix was not a part of it. I am determined to use that as a lesson, and limit time-wasting computer time from now on!

Since I last wrote, my youngest daughter celebrated a birthday. Every  birthday brings memories and wonderment and gratitude. I think how blessed and fortunate I am to have had this amazing person in my life, and wonder at how the years have sped by. Happy birthday to Katey!

In the last week, I have seen both setbacks and progress where my little news magazine is concerned. I’ve had to send a cash advance, buy a new computer, transfer data, reinstall software, and depend on others for help. I have been by turns frustrated, confused, panicky and overwhelmed…and now and then, without reason, overcome by the most peaceful, zen-like calm. When my telephone call comes through today…if it comes…I should soon be in a better position to know which of those emotional states is most appropriate.

Meanwhile, I’m going to shake off this rainy day mood and get busy!