Good-Bye November


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Though the temperatures are mild and there isn’t a trace of snow left on the ground, it won’t be long until  winter is here. Tomorrow is the first of December.

Today is a little bit of a celebration for me.

This is the first full day I’ve been able to be at home, since I left the island twelve days ago. I had a long list that I’ve been plugging away at, but it has still felt good just to be here. I woke up without the alarm. I balanced my checkbook, paid bills and went through my big stack of mail. I did a little bit of laundry. I picked up all the fallen branches in the yard. Rosa Parks and I took a long walk.

This, being the last day of November, is the last day of my daily blogging commitment this year. It’s been fun. It’s been challenging. There were a couple days when I just gave a quick run-down of activities, “here I am…that’s all you get,” and a few days that were my usual “list-of-complaints-and-things-to-do” blogs. One night I didn’t actually finish writing until after midnight, so I technically missed one day. Most of the month, though, I feel like I pushed myself to improve…and did. I count it as an almost complete success.

What next? I’ll continue to write, of course, though I won’t try to post a blog every day. There are plenty of other areas in my life that could use a devoted commitment!

Struggling over computer issues today, I was so frustrated I couldn’t stand it any more. I put the bright pink harness and a leash on Rosa Parks, threw on sweats and a warm jacket, and headed out the door.

We have been pretty slack in our walks for a while now. First Clover went lame; she couldn’t walk, and I couldn’t bear to go without her. When she died, it seemed like all the fun went out of a walk for Rosa Parks. Then summer came, with mosquitoes enough to keep us off the trails…before I knew it, we had completely lost the habit. Lately, a walk around the yard each morning was the most we managed.

Until today.

Rosa had to be coaxed along…she’s a stubborn little dog…but once we got to Cotter’s trail, she became more interested in the sights and smells. We surprised some partridge…and they surprised us, with their loud flurry of wings. There were two deer grazing in the field of clover behind Bob Hoopfer’s pole barns; they looked up as we walked past, but didn’t bolt. We made note of the new addition to the old cabin in the woods, and then retraced our path home.

Not quite one hour out in the fresh air, but it did me a world of good. It was good exercise for my little dog, too. For the month of December, I’m going to walk every day. Right now, heady with the success of my writing commitment, is a good time to start another. I’m hoping that by the time the new year rolls around, it will be a fully formed habit.

After that, who knows!





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  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk, Cindy. I love your idea for a new commitment, and wish you luck. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog every day, and will continue to do so, as often as you choose to write. Thank you for a month of good reading. Wishing you a year of good walking!

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