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Travel offers a new outlook, if only temporarily. Different scenery alone can change perspective. Travel companions, weather, deadlines, appointments and expectations play a role in the total experience. I wrote about my long list of things to do, to prepare to leave; I wrote about my plane ride, and my “night of little sleep.” In every trip, there are moments to remember. Here are a few:

  • Aunt Katie sat beside me on the little airplane, as the wind tossed it around. I had a firm grip on her shoulder; the other hand clutched the window frame. She calmly tried to explain the grocery list, “Bob is cooking, and he wants a Butterball. If it were up to me, I’d just get a Spartan brand turkey for half the price, but he’s doing the cooking…” I told her sorry, but I couldn’t listen right now, “It’s taking all my concentration just to keep this¬† plane in the air!” (Not that I was actually at the controls or anything)A big grin spread across her face.
  • Trying to use my computer from the motel room, I got to know the desk clerk very well. After giving me over-the-counter advise three times, she finally followed me down to the room to look at it in person. With her mere presence, the instructions she had given me now worked perfectly. I should have invited her back before I accidentally posted my blog a dozen times to Facebook!
  • Telling me about her health issues, as reported to her by the several doctors she saw, Aunt Katie said, “…well, I still find it interesting.” In answer to my puzzled expression, she said, “you know, watching my body fall apart at the speed of light.”
  • Traveling across the state, I pulled in to the Big Boy restaurant in Gaylord. As I got out of the car, I heard a crash. An accident had just happened a few yards up the road. If I hadn’t turned off the highway, it might have been me in the middle of that crash! The restaurant staff, all intent on watching the progress of police cars and tow trucks on the corner, forgot all about restaurant service.
  • Driving at night has never been my strong suit. Wet roads, reflecting ¬† lights and freeway speeds add to my discomfort. Whenever I arrive at my destination intact, see the faces of people I know and get that first hug, there is reason to be thankful.

That’s all for today. Before I get back to Beaver Island, to retrieve my little dog and go back to life-as-usual, I’m sure I’ll have another adventure or two to share.

Waiting for Morning


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Exhausted from travel, multiple appointments and shopping, and sick with a sinus infection, I barely made it through Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy last evening before collapsing into bed.

Aunt Katie stayed up for a while. I woke up a few times, noting that the television was still on, that she was still sitting on the end of her bed, that lights were still on, and that the heat in the room was still a blazing seventy-eight degrees. I’d throw off a cover, roll the other way and fall back asleep.

Until I didn’t.

Sometime in the night, I woke up, fully alert. Aunt Katie was in the next bed, breathing softly in her sleep. The bathroom light was casting a bright glow from her side of the room. Two trees, bedecked in Christmas lights, shined through the window on the other side. The room was still uncomfortably warm.

I tried rolling over…flipping the pillow to a fresh side…counting sheep…nothing worked. I was wide awake.

I could not use any of my usual remedies for sleeplessness. If I put on a light to read, it would disturb my aunt’s sleep. I couldn’t set up the computer for the same reason. I couldn’t even brew a cup of chamomile tea!

No matter how hard I tried, I could not fall back asleep.

I knew the motel employees would start putting the continental breakfast together at 5:30. It had to be close to that time. I could carefully put back on the clothes I’d worn yesterday, quietly sneak a book out of my bag, silently slide out the door and down the hall to the lobby to read until the coffee was ready…

A great plan!

I retrieved my eyeglasses…looked at the clock.



That was the beginning of a long night of waiting for morning.

A very, very long night.

I mercifully fell asleep at some point, because the alarm woke me up…but I sure didn’t feel very rested.

Waiting for morning is a terrible way to spend the night!