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This blurry image, taken at dusk , from the door of the Super 8 Motel is the best I’ve got to offer tonight. The white picket fence is hiding the traffic from view, as M31 is just the other side of it. If it were clearer, and if there were no obstructions, Lake Michigan would be off in the distance.

This has been a long day!

I was up at six, to make coffee and give Rosa Parks lots of love and attention. I had loaded all the suitcases but one in the car last night. After I showered and dressed, I dropped a few last minute items into that bag – deodorant, toothpaste and make-up, after I used them – and it was ready to go, too. The little dog came with me while I ran a couple errands and brought my luggage to the airport. Then to the kennel for Rosa Parks, who did me the good service of wagging her tail all the way in, and settling right down on the fleecy rug. Back to the airport, then, to meet Aunt Katie for our flight.

What a flight it was!

When the winds of November are blowing hard, and folks ask me whether they should take the (2 hour) ferry boat ride or the airplane, I always say, “Oh, definitely the plane! That’s twenty minutes of absolute terror, rather than two hours of it!”

Well, it was terrifying today!

I’ve been on worse flights, granted.

However, Aunt Katie and I were in the very back of the plane, in the last seat. The seat that would usually have been in front of us (that I could usually grab on to, when the ride was bumpy) had been removed, leaving a wide expanse between us and the next seat. I think that made the turbulence seem more extreme.

I actually called out twice, in terror, as we tossed and tumbled our way through the sky. Even over the water, where a bumpy flight is usually calmer, we leaned one way and seemed to slide through the sky to the left, then leaned the other way, and slid to the right. Aunt Katie was trying to instruct me about the shopping list. I said, “I can’t listen right now, Aunt Katie, I am concentrating on keeping this plane in the air!”

Which made her smile.

On the ground, I got Aunt Katie situated in the passenger seat of the car, collected our luggage, a quick pit stop and we were off. First to LinCare, to pick up an oxygen concentrating machine and the necessary tubes and connectors. Then to Petoskey, to see the first of three doctors on the agenda for this trip.

“Go! Shop! You don’t have to wait,” Aunt Katie told me, “I’ll be here for hours!”

The one and only time I did that, she was out in record time, and standing outside waiting for me…on her wobbly legs…with a big scowl on her face when I got back from shopping.

“I’m fine,” I told her, “I’m going to catch up onĀ  People magazine.”

She was in and out in less than an hour, with a good report and her next appointment set for six months from now.

I picked up take-out from Subway, and cold beer from Rite-Aid. We checked in at the Super 8. I carried in all the necessities. Aunt Katie got settled in. We had lunch.

Shopping, next. I looked over the list Aunt Katie handed me. It was pretty specific, based on advertised specials. Notes in the margin said “4 for $3.00” or “$1.99 each.” “No substitutions!” was written boldly across the bottom. The only Spartan store in the area was quite a ways north, past Bay View. It was the oddest lay out of any grocery store I’ve ever been in! I wandered the store for two hours, before fulfilling the list.

Meanwhile, the rain continued, with dropping temperatures, then turned to an icy snow. I should have packed a winter coat!

I’m in for the night now. We had pizza delivered. I just opened a beer. I think I’ll get into pajamas and watch Jeopardy from the comfort of my bed. Tomorrow will be another long, busy day!