Daily Archives: November 12, 2015

Time Out for Art: Continuing


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As hard as it is to start a creative project, it’s a breeze compared with continuing.

I have plenty of proof.

In an old suitcase in the back of the attic, I have needlepoint pillow¬† top. It is made up of a dozen squares of different colors. Eleven of the squares have names and birth dates in a complementary color, and a flower to represent that person. The last square holds a bouquet of all of the flowers. I plotted out the design myself, and planned it as a Christmas gift for my mother, sometime back in the early 1970s. The names are of each of her children. It’s still not finished.

It keeps company, in that old suitcase, with the beginnings of an embroidered quilt made up of squares cut from old blue jeans, several mitten halves cut from old sweaters, not yet blanket stitched together, and piles of crocheted granny squares. I have quite a collection of baby sized afghans (I call them lap-robes, now) that were intended to be full sized afghans.

In my studio, one slim drawer holds “finished works”, waiting to be matted or framed for display. Four others are labelled “work in progress,” and they are full to overflowing!

The middle of a project doesn’t grab and hold my attention as easily. Beginnings hold promise. Anything is possible! New ideas spark with energy! Continuing, the challenge is to maintain the vision, to keep the energy, to work out the kinks and solve problems as they come up.

It helps to have several projects going on, so that there’s a choice. Within those projects, it’s best if there are also options as to what aspect to work on, based on time and mood. It’s most helpful to have designated time to work, to hold on to the initial inspiration, and to have a particular end in sight.

Still, continuing can be hard.