Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

I Don’t Want to Argue


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There are as many points of view as there are people in the world.

We all bring our own life experience and particular perception to our opinion.

It’s fine that way.

I don’t mind a person having a different viewpoint than me.

Know this, though:

  • I don’t really want to hear about it. Whether you are born-again Christian, vegan, a Tea-Party Republican, a wild-game hunter or a survivalist, I am not interested. I may pretend to care, but I don’t. I may care about you, but I’d rather talk about why you cry through sad movies, like to walk in the rain, or wear only polka-dots. If you are an observer, a reader, an explorer of life…you have my attention.
  • I find it insulting when someone tries to “enlighten” me, as if I’ve simply been shut off from the entire world for sixty-three years, and have had no means of forming an opinion of my own. I know science fiction and fantasy stories exist, and that dis-topian literature is trending right now. I don’t like it; I choose not to read it. My opinion will not change, even if I am coerced into reading “this really good one.” I don’t want to be “fixed” or “converted.”
  • I find it even more insulting when someone recognizes that I do have a viewpoint, and goes on to tell me how wrong it is. As if I haven’t got a brain in my head. As if I haven’t done reading and research of my own. As if I’ve been brain-washed.
  • I don’t want to argue. I don’t want to debate. I don’t think anyone ever gets up from an argument with a changed point of view. I may feel beaten down, bitter or insulted, but I don’t change my mind under those circumstances. My opinions come from thoughtful contemplation of my own experience and knowledge. A change of opinion would happen slowly, and in private.
  • You may see a slight, pinched smile on my face, letting you know I don’t share your view that Donald Trump is going to save us all, but I won’t take issue. I do not want to dissuade you from your point of view. It’s yours; keep it. And please allow me my own.

I don’t want to argue.