Daily Archives: August 19, 2015

Many Wonderful Things


august2014 083

  1. I woke up in the early morning hours to the sound of steady, soft rain.
  2. The air was fresh and clean
  3. and a cool breeze was blowing.
  4. I was wide awake, so spent a few hours clearing up some paperwork that needed to be done.
  5. I felt drowsy around four AM, and still had more than two hours to sleep before getting up for work.
  6. I remembered to wear slacks with pockets for freight day – for holding pens and other necessities.
  7. I was almost on time!
  8. John was back at work after two days in bed with a bad back.
  9. Matthew came in, too, to help with freight, though he’s already worked his official “last day” before going back to college.
  10. Levi and I were there too, as scheduled, so we had a good crew.
  11. It did not rain while we were bringing in freight, though the sky looked threatening.
  12. It was steady with customers all day, but not too busy to get things done.
  13. A young woman came in to by an appliance, and paid for it entirely in quarters!
  14. A sweet woman and her young granddaughter came in for more paint, happy with the color I mixed for them yesterday.
  15. The wind blew hard all day long.
  16. I received a sweet card from my sister, Brenda. She sent good wishes and words of encouragement, having read my “Where’s the Joy” blog. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life: always up-beat, always helpful, always willing to listen. Always ready to comfort and advise at the first hint of sorrow, whining or complaint. All of my life.
  17. I know she’ll be pleased to see that I’m working on focusing on the good stuff,
  18. and cultivating gratitude.
  19. I had two packages waiting at the airport. I don’t care what they are, packages are always a treat!
  20. One was books!
  21. It also contained refill treats that fit on Rosa’s chew toy.
  22. The other was the proof of the next issue of the Beaver Beacon…and it looks beautiful!
  23. I stopped to see my friend, Sue, after work,
  24. and we drank wine from pretty little “tea ceremony” style ceramic cups
  25. made, I think, by our friend, Tom.
  26. I remembered to stop at the grocery store for milk.
  27. Then added ice cream,
  28. sugar cones
  29. and fresh blueberries to the shopping basket.
  30. I stopped, too, for a short visit with my Aunt Katie, before heading home.
  31. I straightened her porch and righted a couple potted plants that the wind had tipped over
  32. and arranged to come on Friday morning to do her floors.
  33. I drove home with the windows down
  34. and Fleetwood Mac on the radio.
  35. My right front tire did not go flat, though I forgot to put air in it.
  36. Rosa Parks greeted me with smiles and kisses.
  37. The strong winds kept the mosquitoes away, so we wandered the yard together, picking up downed branches
  38. and working on her dog tricks.
  39. My brightest daylilies are blooming right now.
  40. Inside, I weighted papers down with stones from the beach
  41. and opened windows wide for the breeze.
  42. I made spaghetti for dinner,
  43. with meatballs from Schwan’s, brought up by Joel when they came on vacation, and never used. Fully cooked, solidly frozen, they are easy to thaw and heat to round out a meal.
  44. I had an ice cream cone for dessert.
  45. I took time to catch up on reading some blogs that I follow, and
  46. I have taken this time to write.
  47. Next, I think I’ll take a long bath
  48. with scented bath salts
  49. candles
  50. and one of my new books.