Daily Archives: August 2, 2015



bob and gary and victor

Yesterday, these three pirates arrived on Beaver Island. The two biggest ones (A.K.A. the Miller brothers, Bob and Gary) came on the morning boat. The smaller guy came later in the day, along with my sister Brenda, her husband Keith, their daughter Laura and her husband Jim (their son, Victor, is the short pirate). Also arriving was my sister Amy, her husband Dennis, two small dogs and their daughters Nicole, Kristen and Danielle. Nicole brought along her husband Jim and their new baby, Hannah; Danielle came with her husband John, their daughter Lily, their son Cash and Lily’s friend Maddie.

Today, my sisters Cheryl and Robin arrived with their friends, Joel and Dick.

Tomorrow, Cheryl’s daughter, Tammy is coming across with her husband Todd and their three little ones: Cole, Cade and Chloe. Cole firmly believes that this island has pirates.

Tomorrow, it will!