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Moments of Absolute Clarity


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I have long been fascinated by Edgar Cayce.

As a young man, it is said that he would go to sleep with a book under his pillow, and wake up with all the knowledge contained in that book. Mystic, psychic, seer and healer, some of his most profound insights came to him while he was in a trance or sleep state. He was known as “the Sleeping Prophet.”

I love the way sleep sometimes sorts things out. Go to bed with a problem; wake up with a solution. I have found lost objects by going to sleep with the intention in mind that the location would come to me…and it has. When conditions are right, and the mind is receptive, sleep can help to find solutions that are elusive in the daylight. I have struggled to remember a name or other detail, only to have it pop into my head at 2 o’clock in the morning!

The other morning, while dozing between the beeping of the alarm clock, it seemed that I was especially receptive to deeper knowledge. The first revelation had to do with the alarm itself, and I dozed back off wondering how in the world it had never occurred to me before. The second regarded a connection between two people that should have been obvious, but had eluded me. The third insight was that, sleep deprived and repeatedly hitting the “snooze” button, I was having moments of absolute clarity. Things were making sense that had never seemed sensible before. I should write these things down…

Later, while standing in the shower, I struggled to recall the “insights” that had so impressed me in my half-asleep state.

The first one, having to do with the alarm clock, was not correct. Though it seemed to make sense when it came to me, it – in fact  – had nothing to do with the actual workings of the alarm or the snooze button.

The second, though it also seemed like a stunning revelation at the time, was also incorrect. Jennifer Garner is not the daughter of the late Michael Landon, even though they both have those heart-breakingly wonderful dimples. I don’t think Jennifer Garner is even related to the late James Garner, though they share a name.

The third insight, that I should pay more attention to the revelations that come to me while dozing between alarms, well…