A Wonderful Life


november2014 053

Today was a great day at work, with friendly customers, impressive progress on ambitious projects, nice dogs (my boss is also a veterinarian) and good laughs.

After work I dropped in on a friend. I wanted to see how his house painting was coming along. He poured me a glass of port wine. We had a nice visit.

I then met my friend, Judi, at the restaurant for a tasty perch dinner. We don’t see much of each other lately, and it was wonderful to be able to catch up. I’m afraid I did most of the talking, but she was very gracious about it.

After dinner we went to town, to see a play.

It was not a live action play of the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, but a play depicting a live radio performance of It’s a Wonderful Life. Think of Our Town combined with Garrison Keillor’s Radio Show with one of my all time favorite Christmas movies as material, and performed by folks I know and love.

The characters sat in chairs across the stage. Each played many roles. with dramatic voice changes and hats or halos put on and removed as the only costume changes. Expressions were marvelous! It was an outstanding performance!

It was an all-around exemplary day.

Sometimes it really is a wonderful life!

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