november2014 003

Today is that day! One extra hour! So – though I haven’t turned my clocks back yet, and they all tell me I should have been at work fifteen minutes ago (per usual on my consistently late workday mornings) – I actually have fifteen minutes to sit here with coffee and oatmeal before getting dressed! Hurray!

The oatmeal is another form of re-set, starting my day with a healthy breakfast. It seems I always start the week strong, with the diet and exercise regimen I’ve been working on, but fizzle out by week’s end. Sunday is always a new beginning. Oatmeal this morning, a good walk this afternoon…and I’ll start to feel back on track.

At work, I have tackled the nearly overwhelming job of re-setting the housewares department. “Housewares” is a side room attached to the hardware store that carries our fishing, hunting and camping supplies, and souvenir sweatshirts, T-shirts and hats in addition to a long list of actual housewares: vacuum cleaners and accessories; shower and grooming supplies; clocks; frames; candles; curtain rods, shades and blinds; an extensive canning and freezing section; laundry and ironing supplies; trash cans and totes; kitchen items including pots and pans, dishes, glassware and baking dishes…and all the serving tools to go with them…and a large collection of small appliances!

The last woman that tackled this area decided to leave the job at the hardware store, leave the island and go back to school. I can’t help but wonder if the housewares department didn’t weigh on that decision! In any case, the area was left only partially done – and not to my sensibilities in any case – which further complicated the task.

I’ve been mulling it over for weeks now, and finally took it on. Two days in, it’s going well!

reset 004

It makes me inordinately happy just to see all of the shelves clean and adjusted to all the same levels, to have things organized by purpose (baking, food prep, clean up)and presented attractively. I always have loved to sort and rearrange things.

And finally, the “re-set” that I woke up to today: the leaves are gone from the trees!

Sometimes that might seem to be a sad thing…it marks an ending, and hints at Winter.

This morning, with no leaves obstructing the view of a beautiful sky, it seemed like something to celebrate!

november2014 001

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  1. I wishing for you inspiration with all the sorting out of the wares. Love the pics of the trees. So barren with not a hint of a leaf. Gee you’ll be trudging in snow before long by the looks of those clouds.

  2. A beautiful photo at the end of a oh so human post. The small joys, the big tasks, all part of a day in the life of….which makes me think about your sketching. Have you shared any recently and I missed them?

    • I haven’t been doing much sketching lately, Joss, but I am getting started on a series of collages. I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I have something worth showing. Thanks for reading, and for your kind comments!

  3. What a great job you have – being PAID to sort and organize things, especially as you like to do it anyway. The shelves look overwhelming but I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job.

    Good luck with all the resetting you’re doing. And always remember, every sunrise brings a reset. Lucky for us!

    • It is a good job for me. I used to love – as a tiny child – to sort nuts and bolts into baby food jars for my Grandpa. When I took the job at the hardware (far beneath my graduate degree and my capabilities, I like to think) my Mom reminded me of that early sorting of hardware, and joked that I was born for the job!

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