Even Though…


september2014 127

I spent more than nine hours today sitting in this computer chair.

I had work to do.

Even though it was a glorious warm and bright day – and lord knows there won’t be many more like this before winter – I worked.

Even though this is the last day off I will have for 33 days – except for October 8th, when I am accompanying my aunt to the mainland for her doctor’s visit – I spent it working.

I had reports to write to the agencies  whose funding assisted with our treatment of invasive species this year. I had a news article to write for our local news magazine reporting on the treatment. I had letters to write with regard to specific issues that came up. I had Emails to answer.

I am not a fast writer. I write, then edit, then rewrite. I search for the correct word or the perfect phrase. I check spelling, definitions and syntax.

Still, it wasn’t all work.

Over coffee this morning, I checked mail, read book reviews and “Brain Pickings,” which arrives in my in-box every Sunday morning. I read several blogs that I follow, and made comments. I checked a familiar social media site for news and events in my family. One nephew ran a 5K today; another went to the zoo with his family. A niece reported that Christmas decorations were already up in a store she visited. I read Phyllis’s weather report. Through the day, during pauses in my writing and thinking processes, I took my turns at “Words with Friends.”

So, maybe seven hours of work, out of the nine I spent sitting in this chair.

It’s not even a particularly comfortable chair.

I did get outside. I have dogs to walk.

september2014 149

They need exercise…and so do I.

september2014 109

We need, now and then, just to get out in the fresh air…

september2014 101

…to walk, and breathe, and appreciate what’s out there.

september2014 120

So even though there were floors to sweep and towels to fold, weeds to pull and leaves to rake…

september2014 129

…morning and evening, we spent the best way we could: we just walked.

september2014 037




About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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      • I loved the photos, too…having my camera in a jacket pocket when I went to the outer islands, something got bumped and a setting or two got changed. I haven’t had time to sit down with the manual and figure it out. It results in many blurry, unreadable images, and – when conditions are right – beautiful, crisp images where the colors are more intense than I’ve ever achieved before. I can’t even take credit! It was a nice day, all told. Thanks, Karen!

    • Actually it was a lovely day, Joss, with a lot accomplished inside (I have slept so much better with those things off my worry list!) and well-deserved breaks outside on a beautiful day! Thanks for reading, and for your comments!

  1. Cindy those are things that needed to be done and you were glued to the computer. But it sure can be a b—h. I really like the photos especially the one with the butterflies. I’ve no idea the species of the butters but it surely is a pretty one.

    • Yvonne, it was a good day of accomplishment, and I really felt I deserved the breaks, which made it all the more sweet to be outside. I love those little butterflies, too – notice they are tinier than the bumblebees beside them – and do not know what they are called, either. I loved seeing bees and butterflies together on those blossoms! Thanks for reading, Yvonne, and for your comments!

  2. The last day off for 33 days! (except for October 8th…) My goodness, it looks like you took full advantage of life’s offerings. Thank you for sharing with us. It was such a lovely Indian summer spell, wasn’t it? It made it feel like we had a full summer, don’t you think?

    • It was a beautiful week! This week is rainy, so it’s easier to be inside. Fall is always transitional at work, with students returning to school, etc. This year, the young man who we depend on at the hardware is going to Japan for a month. It has put the rest of us on a strict work regimen, but we are all excited for his opportunity. But…it will be a long month! Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

    • Thanks, Kate…I accidentally changed a setting on my camera, and haven’t taken time to sit down with the manual to figure out how to fix it. I get masses of blurry, unreadable images, and then some stunners like these. I can’t even take credit!

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