Daily Archives: July 23, 2014

Timeout for Art: Begin Again


art 001

I’ve missed several weeks, now, of “timeout for art.”

My friend, Lisa, is more consistent, though she has issues with internet speed and service in rural Ecuador.

I have no good excuse.

After spending several days in an embarrassingly dark, dreary mood, I decided I needed to shake myself out of it.

I had a good cry.

I took a long walk.

I telephoned my sister, Brenda.

I went to visit and had good (though heavy – on my part – on the self-pity) conversations with friends: Mary, Sue and Gwen.

I had a long, serious talk with myself.

I need to pull myself together and get on with life.

For a start: fulfill simple obligations.

Timeout for Art.

This collage is one of four intended for the Museum Week Art Show.

It’s not a great photograph, but I like these large format (20″ x 26″) collages. Each incorporates hand-made paper, bright colors and some three-dimensional details, in this case, sewn on buttons.

These collages, though fun to make, gave me trouble. First, they buckled as the glue dried. To fix that problem, I painted the back of the surfaces with polymer medium, layered them between plastic sheets (actually, trash bags) and weighted them down with a sheet of plywood. Then they took too long to dry. They have been sidelined to the “Meet the Artist” Show, which is August 2nd at Livingstone Studio.

If nothing else goes wrong!