Crazy Busy…Or Just Crazy?


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So what is going on with WordPress, now?
When I have zero time to sit at the computer to do anything, now the simplest thing has become a nightmare. The image – I hope it will publish as an image – appears to be in HTML code, as a series of words and non-words and forward slashes combined with numbers and punctuation marks. It looks like I’m typing on Mom’s old Royal typewriter…not the font I’m accustomed to.
I am behind in my writing, both in outside obligations and personal commitments.
I am behind in the studio, with several finished pieces to frame(that frames have not yet been ordered for)and others that need to be completed.
My garden is growing up in weeds.
I’m behind in getting Aunt Katie’s house ready for company.
My house is not fit, even, for discussion.
I am behind in my payments. Summer tax bills arrived last week, and I have yet to pay the winter taxes. I have barely made a dent in the large amount owed for keeping my house warm over that long, cold season. Insurance is over-due. I still have that drainage issue to resolve before the ground freezes. I’m due for more blood work and have not yet paid the bill for the lab work that was done six months ago. The list goes on.
I’ve had a full work schedule at the hardware store, with long, hectic days that leave me with little energy by the time I get home.
As Phragmites administrator,I am coming into the busiest time of the year.I’ve had meetings and conference calls and Emails zipping back and forth. I have notices to write and meetings to plan. I am past due in publishing my invasive species blog.
Just about the time that I learned that my grandchildren would not be able to come to visit this year…when I was right on the verge of falling into one of those funks with a “my-life-is-nothing-but-work,work,work” theme…an opportunity came up.
An archaeological dig was going to happen here on Beaver Island, in an area of great interest to me. A friend had organized it…and would welcome my assistance.
As busy as I was, as behind as I was…I nonetheless jumped at the chance!
To keep my budget intact, and not put too much strain on my co-workers, I filled in as much as I could beforehand.
I worked eight days in a row, with meetings squeezed in after and around other obligations, so that I could take this week off.
To dig in the dirt.
Who is crazy enough to take time off work in order to work for free?
I am!
I come home each day filthy, bug-bitten and exhausted, but I’m having a blast!
Today, with a little bit of energy left, I thought I might catch up on other things, before I collapse.
So what’s the deal with WordPress?


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  1. I’m so glad you got to do the dig, Cindy! As for wordpress, I don’t know, but I remember when blogspot did the same thing. (It was so long ago, I’d almost forgotten how it was before.) It’s crazy, but I eventually got so I could recognize the symbols and the beginning and end of the photo/paragraphs, so I’m able to copy and paste them wherever I want. I went into total panic mode at first, though. Have fun — maybe they’ll go back. Oh, and I can so relate to being overwhelmed and underfunded. Just remember to do the fun stuff whenever the opportunity presents itself!

    • “We must embrace all that is frivolous; we must eschew all that is trivial…” I just love that Cynthia Heimel quote, and try to keep it in mind when opportunities may not seem practical. It was a grand experience, and I’m glad I did it, too. The day-to-day concerns always seem, somehow, to work themselves out. Thanks for reading, Kate, and for your comments!

    • Happily, your message reached me, as it’s always so nice to hear from you. I’ve been concerned about you, and am glad to see a post waiting to be read, about your experience at the shore. Take care!

  2. Yep, crazy. You’re crazy mental. But if you’re having fun, who cares?! I think it’s wonderful that you jumped into the dig – that’s something remarkable you can add to your Remarkable Things Done In My Life list. Good for you, and have fun!

    As for WordPress, I couldn’t begin to give you any advice as I’ve not blogged in a while. Now I’m scared to.

    • It was a wonderful experience, and I’m glad, too, that I took the opportunity. I don’t have a list, but what a grand idea…I’m starting one today! Thanks for reading, Meredith, and for your comments!

  3. OH I AM SO HAPPILY JEALOUS!!!!! An archaeological dig opportunity!!!!! I’m sorry for all of the other stuff. But isn’t it great how life balances out? You have a world full of worries and what does the world hand you? FREE WORK that makes you happy. šŸ™‚ I really love this. I hope the other stuff is hit by positive energy and gets resolved.

  4. you know what? i don’t know what is wrong with WordPress but I do know there is nothing wrong with you. I’m so glad you chose to do something fun that you are passionate about. The rest will work itself out somehow and yeah, I know that is easy to say. here I am in Europe almost broke waiting for my tax return to arrive so we can book flights home. And yet….I saw storks, didn’t I? All is well, all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well as St. Teresa would say.did say.

    • All IS well! I’m thrilled that you saw storks, and I loved the photos! The day-to-day stuff does tend to work itself out…good opportunities have to be taken advantage of when they arise. Thanks for reading, Joss, and for your comments!

  5. Yep, you are crazy-busy, Cindy. I can hardly imagine how you keep juggling all your balls in the air! But, you go, girl. I went on an archeological dig back in the 80’s or early 90’s up here in Ottawa National Forest. It was a wonderful experience. So fascinating. Afterwords, I never had another inclination to dig in the dirt for treasures, but never regretted taking that week to explore. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Surely, whatever hitch you were having with WordPress will be fixed by then.

    • It was great fun! This is my second dig – I went on one twenty years ago, on Grand Turk Island in the British West Indies – and so nice to have it be right here at home! If I can work it into my schedule, I would love to do more. Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

  6. I am SO frustrated with wordpress! I couldn’t post or comment at all for 5 days..which isn’t the end of the world of course but it was annoying as all get out. I left countless comments on the blogs I routinely visit and they’d just POOF disappear!
    I’m thrilled you’ve gotten involved with a dig…can you share more about the site? Archealogy has long fascinated me!

    • I’m going to blog about my experience, as soon as I get a nap!
      As for wordpress, do you notice the bar – is it the URL? – now has a lock, and “Automatic, Inc.(US)” before the I think someone purchased it. It seems to me to be a new security thing, but it is very frustrating. I DID (amazingly) figure out that, when writing a blog, you tab over to “view”, you see it as we used to, with the correct font, the actual photos, etc. I have not yet (knock on wood) had trouble with posting comments, though I would LOVE to underhandedly jump on that bandwagon, just because I’ve been so bad about doing it lately. Thanks for reading, Karen, and for your comments!

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