Summer Breeze



When the air is hot, and the wind is strong, I am transported back at least four decades.

It is usually only smells that have that power: freshly-cut grass brings me back to Sunday afternoons on Hunt Road, fifty or more years ago; a certain whiff of soap can evoke the spirit of my mother, when I was a small child; sometimes the smell of baby powder lifts me to a time and place when I was a young mother, with small children of my own.

But give me a strong summer breeze, and I am a teen-ager again.

I want to ride in fast cars with all the windows down, music playing at full volume.

I want to head for city lights or country roads, just for the change, the movement and distance.

I want to swim by moonlight, then walk the beach and count the stars.

I want to sleep in a tent open to the moving air.

There is a strong wind blowing today.

Not actually being a teen-ager again, my activities were much more mundane.

I walked the garden this morning, picked radishes and strawberries, and pulled a few weeds.

Went to work at the hardware store.

Picked up a few necessities: dish detergent, dog food, mosquito repellent.

Stopped to say “hello” to Sue, at her gallery.

Washed towels, and hung them on the clothesline.

Pulled a few more weeds in the garden, emptied the kitchen scraps into the compost bin, washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen.

Just a normal day…except for the wind.

That feeling of being at the beginning, with endless possibilities lying ahead…that sense of hope and chance and wonder stayed with me, and kept a smile on my face all day.

Just a normal, exceptional day.

Good things come in on a strong summer breeze!

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  1. Great post, Cindy. Really enjoyed reading about the things that you remember from years ago and especaily the summer breeze. I hang laundry outdoors just to get the exercise. My dryer went out and I decided not to replace it so I’d have something to motivate my liitle ole self to move more. Sure helps to reduce the electric bill as well.

    • I can’t do it in the wintertime (though they used to, before electricity!), but I enjoy hanging clothes out when the weather is nice. They smell so fresh! Thanks for reading, Yvonne, and for your comments!

  2. This is really lovely writing, Cindy. I was smelling soap with you. However, didn’t even have to imagine the wind. It’s blowing its endless possibilities outside of our windows right now.

  3. Love this one, Cindy! Warm summer breezes (or hot winds) make me feel the same way — like my life is ahead of me, and there’s nothing I can’t do and I want to do it all. I think that’s why I’d rather drive with the windows down than have the air conditioning on. It makes me feel young somehow.

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