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I have to say, I’ve been pretty darn productive lately.

Knowing my usual patterns and accomplishments (or lack thereof), I am impressed.

In the ten days so far in the month of June, I’ve undertaken – and finished – more projects than would normally get done in an entire month.

I’ve kept up with all the usual stuff, like laundry and housework, evenings in the studio and my (several)jobs for pay.

In addition, I planted my garden, mowed the lawn, trimmed the pine tree, pruned the shrubs, cut back the roses, trimmed along the walkway, cleaned out several flower beds and dug post holes to move my clothesline poles. Dug up the poles from their current location. Hauled all the branches, trimmings and weeds away.

Maybe even more stuff I just can’t think of right now.

On top of that, I delivered artwork to a gallery that is opening for the season this week, and helped to plan a little after-hours reception.

On a social level, I attended a funeral, wrote two letters, visited with Aunt Katie and had two meals out with friends!

What’s the deal?

Where is all this energy coming from?

What happened to my usual lethargy?

As I was setting out to take the dogs for their walk today, my camera beeped, letting me know the little storage card was full. To be able to take more photos, I was going to have to make room. No problem. I transfer the photos to my computer pretty regularly, so it was just a matter of deleting them from the camera.

So, as we walked along, I clicked through and deleted images taken over the course of the last several months.



Gray trees in a pale landscape.

Gray trees against gray sky.




This was the world I saw, through the many long months of winter.

I looked up from my task to see sunshine weaving through many layers and shades of green. Blue sky! Brown path! Flowers!

I could feel the energy in all the wild color and brightness surrounding me.

That’s where it’s coming from!

Marsh Thistle


Continuing the countdown of invasive species here on Beaver Island…

Beaver Island Phragmites Control


Marsh Thistle.

Cirsium Palustre.

European swamp thistle.

Marsh plume thistle.

Many names for yet another invasive plant species.

This one has been described, “like purple loosestrife, with spines.”

Marsh Thistle is a member of the Aster family with origins in Europe.

It is an erect herbaceous biennial that can grow 3 to 5 feet in height. Once again, I go to the informative brochure, Top Ten Invasive Species, put out by the Beaver Island Association  for their excellent description:

[Marsh Thistle]has a rosette (circle) of leaves at the base that are long, spiny, and deeply lobed. The stem is thick, often reddish, and covered with hairy spines and equally spiny, hairy leaves. The pinkish-purple flowers appear at the top of the stem in a tight cluster, usually in June or July. On Beaver Island this plant is more likely to be found in moist areas than in dry sand.

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