I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me!

The garden is planted!

I had other things I should have or could have been doing today.

I have to go over my notes in preparation for a township meeting tonight. I was supposed to get to Aunt Katie’s early this afternoon to do her floors (it is now late afternoon). There is much to do in my studio, with galleries opening for the summer. There are plenty of inside chores I’d like to have finished before my work week starts tomorrow. In this year of plentiful mosquitoes, the grass should not be allowed to grow the way it has this Spring.

Still, the garden had to be planted.

We have a short growing season here on Beaver Island. It is especially short here on the Fox Lake Road, where we tend to get the earliest killing frost in the Fall, and the latest one in the Spring. I depend on my garden for fresh vegetables in the Summer, and to enrich my diet through the long months of winter.

I started planting on Sunday.

It rained that night and continued through the next day.

Yesterday, I had errands in town but came home in time to get back at it.

When I quit last evening, it looked like this:


I snapped a couple pictures of the dogs worrying a garter snake at the fence…


…and some blossoms from  around the yard and garden…





…before calling it a night.

This morning, I set everything else aside, intent on finishing the garden.

And I did!

Well, the left side of the plot (not shown in any of these photos) could still use some attention. The perennial beds there – with strawberries, blueberries, asparagus and raspberries – need to be weeded and edged and mulched. The plot for my tomatoes plants still needs to be hoed up and fertilized. Tomatoes and peppers are still in pots. Flower beds need to be raked and weeded.

In the gardener’s world, nothing is ever completely finished (until, perhaps, it is buried under two feet of snow…but that’s when planning begins!)…but I feel a sense of completion today.

The garden is planted!


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    • Oh, thanks, well…the weeds haven’t had time to pop back up yet! I love those dogs, too, and they’re lucky that I do, as Clover Sue ran right through my string markers, and Rosa Parks did number 2 right in the garden path. Sigh…good thing they’re so lovable.

  1. It’s a delight, Cindy! So glad you’ve finished planting. Feeling your joy. We would be done planting today except for a little chipmunk who decided to feast on our squash starts. We are not happy.

    • Ach! Those darn chipmunks! I put my tomato and pepper plants in tonight after work. I feel so on top of things…for a moment, until the weeds grow! Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

  2. Yay you! I don’t garden myself, but Husby likes to grow a few vegetables and flowers around the yard. I know it takes a lot of planning and timing, so I applaud your persistence and determination to get it in “on time.” I hope you reap much!

  3. I didn’t realize this post was from 2014 but the pictures gave me an intense case of “garden-envy”. 🙂 The Mister and I are currently searching for a house with a sunny backyard of decent size so we can plant a veggie garden.

    • Oh, it was nice to revisit this! Since writing this post, I have shrunk the sizeof my garden considerably, because i just could not maintain it. Still, it was a nice big space to work in, and in some ways I still miss it. Thanks for your comments…and good luck with finding your own gardening space!

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