Daily Archives: February 8, 2014

Winter Bright



We’ve had a few days, here on Beaver Island, of sunshine and  blue sky!

It’s crisp and cold, but the wind has died down. The weatherman isn’t amending every temperature presented with the “wind chill” factor. The drifting has stopped, at least for now. The piles of snow are settling in where we’ve put them.

For three days in a row, I’ve been able to walk down the Fox Lake Road. Not too cold, not too icy to make it to the corner and back. The dogs had mixed feelings about it: Rosa Parks has taken a nice jaunt around the plowed driveway, and retreated to the warm house to wait; Clover was thrilled for the fresh air and exercise. I agree!

We’ve actually had quite a bit of snow melt, with the sunshine, even though the temperatures have remained steadily cold. Things that were completely hidden a week ago are beginning again to reveal themselves:  tree stump, bird bath, compost bin.

This is really encouraging!

Today, we’re into the “deep freeze” again, and it looks like we will be for at least a few days.

It seems, this winter, I need to grab on to encouragement when the sun shines!