More Snow



Once again, our attempts at a good walk have been foiled.

The dogs are bored, and I’m getting discouraged.

Clover and I went down the road for our walk a few times, when the extreme cold or ice didn’t stop us. Guilt at leaving the little dog at home was the only damper on our enjoyment. A bit of a thaw allowed the three of us to get out together to walk the old logging road into the woods. Still, not close to our usual routine for frequency or distance.

Now, we have more snow!

In other years, there has been a long dry spell between the end of hunting season and the beginning of lasting cold weather. Time that we could walk through the woods, keeping grasses and snow trampled down. Time to reacquaint ourselves with the path, the landmarks and wildlife along the way.  Time to get accustomed to our route so that we’d know the way when it was buried in deep snow.

Not this year!

In other winters, the snow has come down wet and heavy, forming a nice crust that would carry my weight. Then, we could leave the path. We could explore deep into the woods, knowing we’d have our footprints in the snow to lead us back home.

Not this year. Not yet, anyway.

We had our first snow early, and it hasn’t let up. Five or six inches at a time it has fallen, accumulating quickly into a deep landscape of fluffy snow. So light, snowmobiles could not go out on it; so soft, it would not carry my weight, with or without snowshoes. I don’t think an entire week has gone by without a fresh layer of snow being added to what is already here.

In years gone by, one companion was my old dog, Maggie. Maggie loved a good walk! Part Malamute, part Lab, she was undaunted by the weather. Cold didn’t bother her. Though she had bad hips, she could “swim” her way through snow that seemed impassable to the rest of us. She would lead the way. Clover and I would follow.

Not anymore. Maggie left this world a few years ago. Her spot has been filled with Rosa Parks.

Rosa has much the same coloring as Maggie. She is similar in shape, carrying a bit of extra weight around the middle. She has the same bossy attitude and snippy temperament. She even has similar health and food issues! However, she is considerably shorter and one hundred pounds lighter than Maggie was. This winter, that’s a definite consideration!

Clover is feeling her age, of late. She doesn’t have the endurance or stamina she exhibited even a year ago.

Me, too! Tramping through deep snow is hard on my knees and exhausting all around. I can go a short distance, but long walks are out of the question in this weather.

This winter has slowed all three of us down!


About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  1. We are having a very different winter to you – the northern Alps where I am hasn’t really had that much snow – it’s been fairly mild unlike previous winters when I remember minus 25! I hope you get some let up with the snow and cold x

    • I truly love the snow…I’m just frustrated at not being able to get around in it this year. It is starting to form a crust, though, so I trust it won’t be long. Does lack of snowfall affect your skiing this winter? Thanks for reading, Claire, and for your comments!

  2. reminds me of the Canadian winters when I was a kid…nothing like this in the UK (unfortunately)…hope you get a walk soon – I know what it is like to be cooped up indoors

    • Yes, harder on the dogs than it is on me…at least I have jobs to go to! We miss our winter walks, though. It won’t be long…It’s starting to firm up and soon we’ll be able to get into the woods. Thanks for reading, and for your comments!

    • Well, that is a very short dog…it’s actually even deeper than it looks there! I love the snow, and I’d miss the seasons…but your beautiful vistas and wonderful temperatures could be very inviting, too! Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

  3. yikes! Girlfriend, that is some serious accumulation!

    I never liked winters that started before Halloween; and we had several before I moved away. The leaves weren’t even raked yet, and they’d be covered by 6-10″ that was continuously layered upon until March!
    I feel your frustration! Think Spring!

    • Yes, and like I just told Kathy, that is a very short dog…our accumulation is even greater than is reflected in that photo. I was trying to burn some papers in the firepit yesterday, and tramped through hip-deep snow to get to it, then had to trample the snow down to find the spot! I’m thinking Spring all right! Thanks for reading, Karen, and for your comments!

  4. We just got a bunch of snow last night. Living in the city/suburbs makes getting around a little easier, but we don’t have that pristine landscape you have. So white and beautiful. And so quiet! I love how the snow muffles noise.

    I’m glad you enjoy the snow – now to find a way to give the dogs some outdoor frolic time INdoors. Or maybe that’s not such a good idea. Hope you’re all able to get out soon.

    • I am confidant that – somehow – we’ll be able to get around soon. Snowmobiles pack the trails into a manageable hard surface that we can navigate over. Yesterday when Clover and I tried a short walk down the logging trail, I dragged the shovel behind me, to smooth the snow. Last night…more! I have to get out and shovel off the car so I can get to work! Thanks for reading, Sara, and for your comments!

  5. I know just what you mean, Cindy. Someone–could it have been you?–recently said (and I’ve been quoting over and over again to Barry) “Living in the north country is hard work in the winter time.”

    • I didn’t say that, but I’m going to start! This morning I’m faced with clearing another four – at least – inches from my car before I can go to work! Thanks for reading, and for your comments, Kathy!

  6. Really missing the snow! Feeling left out watching today’s move across the northeast I once called home. Know, however, that many there are not so happy about it! For that, I apologize!

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