This picture, of many wonders of Beaver Island, still hangs in my kitchen where I displayed it last summer.

There is a poster just inside the door that states “I love Grandma Cindy” in a multitude of bright colors.

There is a note in the bottom of the storage bin, in my granddaughter’s handwriting, that reminds me “Don’t forget dog food!!!”

On the trim board that frames the stairway wall, Madeline’s name, along with the names of her brothers and cousin, is penciled in along with dates, next to the painted, stenciled numbers to chart their growth.

On my desk is a photo of Madeline, receiving a kiss on the cheek from her mother. “I don’t especially like that picture,” she told me last summer, “Do you know I’d been crying?” I still like the photograph, but take less enjoyment from it now, with that information. Madeline is a generally happy, enthusiastic and joyous child, and I like best to think of her that way.

I have a string of photos on my computer that reflect those traits.





In my mind, all that warm, bright summer sunshine doesn’t begin to compare with Madeline’s bright spirit!

Happy Birthday, Madeline!


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  1. Through our frienship been fortunate and had the pleasure of knowing Madeline and her bright spirit, from a sand digging child to the young ladyship she is quickly approaching.

  2. oh my goodness will you look at her! It’s no wonder you love spending time with her—I can see how sparkly she is in the pics!
    Happy Birthday, to Madeline
    ps: I don’t envy you guys dealing with all the boys that will be lining up as she gets older! hahahaha oy!!! I remember signing maggie up for more (and more!) ballet lessons as she got older just to keep her busy and too tired to want to go out! hahahaha! Good luck! 😉

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