Around and Around



I’m big on fresh starts.

I like “do-over”s.

Beginning again was my tactic when, as  a child, any game was getting out of control. “Start over” was my battle cry. If, when playing “school”…or “house”…or “church”…the little kids pushed their limits or if I, in my role of teacher or sister (my older sister, Brenda, was – of course – “Mama”) or priest did something out of character, I’d call, “start over!” and we’d go back to try to do better. As if we were putting on a play, not just playing make-believe! If I made a stupid move in checkers, or stumbled in a foot race, “start over” was my cry. It didn’t always work, but it was always worth a try.

Self-Improvement is the sub-title of my life.

I am drawn to self-help books in library or bookstore. Exercise, diet, organization, meditation, procrastination, money-management…the list goes on and on. They are so full of hope! Each one, when I open to the first page, seems like it has the possibility to change my life forever.


I like having a plan.

I love a good list.

This is my time of year!

The new year offers a time for fresh beginnings. Time to look at what needs to be changed, and make a plan. Time to make a list of improvements to be made. New Year’s resolutions!

I usually have a long list.

I once made a list of one hundred items that I felt needed to be worked on in my life. They ranged from patience and temper-control to neatness and organization to diet and exercise. From their sheer number, it took a little time for them to all fall by the wayside…but eventually they did.

I’m great at making resolutions. Follow through, not so much.

Looking back over the last forty years, I can say I have learned a few skills and gathered a world of varied (and sometimes contradictory) information from self-help books, but the road to life-changing self improvement has been a long and very gentle incline.

My best-laid plans and charts for a better new year take the same trajectory.

The trouble, as I see it, is this: Life is not linear.

Life is circular.

I can see it when I hear my daughters say things to their children (that they swore they’d never say) that I said to them (though I said I never would) that my mother said to me. “Because I said so,” is an example that comes to mind.

I can see it when I look at photos taken twenty years ago when I knew I needed to lose ten pounds…and now, thirty pounds heavier, I still feel like I really need to lose ten pounds.

It is obvious every time that I think, “let me go back to the beginning and start over.”

Lists are linear. Life is not.

This year, my goal is to just keep going around.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Great post, thank you! When I came to the end, I was humming this song by Harry Chapin, forgotten for years, remembered this morning. (1st 2 stanzas)

    All my life’s a circle;
    Sunrise and sundown;
    The Moon rolls thru the nighttime;
    Till the daybreak comes around.

    All my life’s a circle;
    But I can’t tell you why;
    The Season’s spinning round again;
    The years keep rollin’ by.

    • Thank you, Joss! Yes, the cycle of nature…I’ve always though of a human life as one cycle, like from a leaf’s emergence until it falls from the tree. Now I think it’s more cyclical, as in it keeps going ’round and ’round. Thanks for your comments!

  2. The very best of everything to you and yours for the year ahead Cindy. Don’t do lists myself…except for shopping. Just want Spring to arrive and get back to the garden again.

    • I’m looking forward to Spring, too, Bridget, but I’d settle for just a bit of a milder winter right now! It is bitter cold here! My poor dogs haven’t had a good walk in days. All the best to you for the New Year!

  3. Cindy, the pictures you used to accompany this writing are gorgeous. Round and around and around. I agree that Life is circular. That feels gentle and healing, doesn’t it? From one list maker to the other, Happy New Beginning!

    • Thank You, Annie! That first photo always reminds me of a Gothic mirror…though it’s just a tire rim hung on the side of an old building, with the chain from a chain saw behind. The best to you, too, this coming year!

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