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Jenny and Katey, Sleeping




Yes, if you look closely,  that says “Jenny and Katey Sleeping / May 12, 1984”

Obviously, this is not current work.

I can remember it, though, as if it were yesterday:

I came home from working a night shift to find my daughters asleep in the living room, Jen on the sofa, Kate on the floor beside it.

I didn’t know where their father was, or why he wasn’t home with them.

I debated whether carrying them into their beds would wake them. At nine and twelve years old, they weren’t tiny, but I could lift them when I needed to.

I made a cup of herbal tea and sat down to unwind from work, so that I’d be able to get to sleep.

I picked up a book. I put it back down.

I sat and watched my beautiful daughters sleeping.

Then I picked up pencil and paper to make this sketch.