My Day at “Meet the Artists” at Livingstone Studio, 2013



I’d love to tell all about “Meet the Artists” at Livingstone Studio.

There were some extremely talented people there: musicians, craft-persons, artists…the ladies that put the food and wine together…

The planning and preparation alone is extraordinary, from coordinating schedules of dozens of artists and artisans, to gathering musicians for entertainment, to food and drink beautiful enough to stand in the company of all the lovely work displayed.

I wish I could show a selection of some of the outstanding work.

Unfortunately, the only photos I took were of my own display (and only after a sale left a hole in the arrangement). The only perspective that I can honestly give is from my own narrow point of view.

Nancy was on my left, with her glass beads and jewelry. Ruth was on my right, with her lovely ceramic ware. I was facing Larissa, who held her beautiful red-haired baby behind her table of stunning new work.

I made the rounds before the day was done, to visit with each of the artists, and to admire their work. If I tried, now, to relate the experience, I’m afraid I’d leave someone out, mix up a name, or misrepresent their work. Though we all display our work at Livingstone Studio, and many live here on Beaver Island, most of us are busy with other pursuits. We often have just this one day a year to come together – as artists – in mutual respect and admiration. It’s a good time to talk about process, technique and materials. It is wonderful to catch up on new media, fresh inspiration and changing directions. It’s a great day for artists talking about art.

It is also wonderful to be out meeting and talking to people as an artist. Many know and follow my work. Several have been grand supporters of me and my art over the years. With them, it’s fun to chat and catch up.

Every year I have people approach who know me from one restaurant or another, who have seen me in the grocery store or at the hardware store or walking my dogs down Fox Lake Road…but who did not know that I am an artist. I never try to hide it, but when I’m working at another job, it often doesn’t come up in conversation. When cutting pipe or making keys, taking orders or serving lunch, that’s the job I’m focused on, and that’s the person that I am. It’s nice to have a day where “the person that I am” is exactly the one I want to be.

From my perspective, it was a beautiful day!


About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  1. Glad you had this opportunity to come together as artists. Also glad that you had this special time of experiencing the person-you-want-to-be.

  2. Artists and craftspeople have their own little subculture, don’t they? I don’t have a lot of contact with these people unless I’m showing my wares at a show or festival. When I get to talking to people who make things from nothing, or create great pieces of art, I feel like I really have something in common with them. I don’t get that feeling at the day job, so it’s good to be around people I can relate to.

    I’m glad you had a satisfying day hobnobbing with your tribe, and your artwork looks divine!

    • Though I’ve been an artist all of my adult life, I’ve never had the artist’s “persona”. Evidently, I don’t walk or talk or dress like an artist. It is nice, at events like this, to let the work do the “talking”, and see people put it all together. It’s so great too, I agree, to be around people who create, and be able to share insights and experiences. Thanks for reading, and for your comments!

    • Thank you, Marilyn! In that setting, with Lake Michigan down the hill in front of us, old trees overhead, and among the cluster of wonderful, rustic old cabins, we all show to our best!

    • Sure, but what a nice idea! I’d love, if ever time and money presents itself, to go visiting all the people and places I’ve found inspiring over the years! Thank you for reading, and for your comments!

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