Happily Behind



I have three Alpine Currants hanging out in pots by my back door, waiting for me to plant them.

The garden could use quite a bit more attention than it has been getting.

Inside, the same story.

There is a stack of papers on my desk, needing to be sorted and filed. There are letters to be written, and business to be taken care of.

I have artwork to finish, and pieces to frame.

I didn’t post any drawings last week.

I didn’t do any drawing last week.

I had four dead mosquitoes sitting on a little tray on my desk next to my sketch book, a magnifying glass ready to help with the details.

“Disgusting!”, my granddaughter, Madeline, pronounced. She was right!

Yesterday, Madeline and I planted a plum tree. We walked with the dogs. We went for ice cream. We spent four hours on the beach. We spent the evening with a group of lovely ladies. We came home and snuggled in with books and dogs.

I’m behind in everything…happily catching up on what’s important.


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    • Thanks, Judi, I do feel like my priorities are in order…though I also feel guilty for everything I’m neglecting! That’s the dance I do. Thanks for reading, and for your comment!

    • It is fun, Lisa, letting a child lead the way. Madeline has not yet let guilt and commitment and obligation guide how she wants to spend her days. I hope she never does! I’m certainly enjoying being led astray! Thank you for reading, and for your comments.

  1. I’ve been getting caught up with things this week too. It’s okay if we fall behind for the right reasons. I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

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