Daily Archives: June 6, 2013

In the Studio



Springtime is not my favorite time in the studio.

In the winter, when time seems endless, studio time is play time.

Most days, I change from my working-in-town work clothes into warm, paint-stained loose clothing as soon as I get home. As soon as dog walking, dinner preparation, eating and clean-up are finished, I head upstairs to work in the studio until bedtime.

In the winter, deadlines seem so distant as to not be a concern. I experiment with materials, techniques, supports, colors and processes. I make big messes.

Sometimes I have a dozen or more projects in various stages of completion. I crowd the small room. Paintings are shuffled from drying spaces to closet storage to the one space at the entrance to the studio that is large enough to work on them. Collage materials dominate my drafting table.  In an out of the way corner, collages in-progress are protected by plastic wrap and stacked under piles of books, so that they dry flat.

Springtime is when I have to pull it all together. Work needs to be finished, assessed and cleaned up. Mounting, matting and framing is next, to get things ready for galleries and shows.

This year, I’m hoping to have time and energy to work on some collagraph prints over the summer, so I’m also doing a bit of a changeover from painting studio to print-making studio.

None of these are my favorite studio activities, but necessary nonetheless.

This week, I offer eight little sketches of the room where I work.