Hanging On



In the Summer, these leaves are nothing special.

A simple leaf shape. A plain green color.

In Autumn, when other trees are sporting dozens of shades at once in hues from brightest yellow to deep magenta, these leave fade – uniformly – to this pale, barely orange tone. Tree wide, without variation.


It’s only in the Winter when I start to take notice of them.

These are the only leaves still clinging to the branches.

Some days, when the snow blankets the ground and the sunless days leave the pine needles looking black, these leaves are the only bit of color in the woods.

All through the Winter, and right into Spring, they hang on.

Through winter storms that stripped pine trees of their branches and caused tall maples to bow, these leaves just stayed.

That alone is pretty remarkable.


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  1. Lots of time in life we need to follow the example of those strong leaves and just hang on. That we do makes us pretty remarkable too! Nice post – very hopeful.

  2. Cindy, how lovely to capture the image of those hardy leaves. I have often felt the same thing. They are very special during the winter time. Just that they survived as the North Winds blew.

  3. Tenacity is such a metaphor for the American character. We talk about winning, but it isn’t about winning, it so much about hanging on when the whole world tells you it is past time to quite. Our stories are not about kings and queens; they are about Cinderella’s and hanging on to see the new year. I love watching those leaves cheering the arrival of a new spring.

    • You really “got” this post! That was exactly what I was writing about…tenacity: hanging on, hanging in there, sticking it out. I agree, those are the true stories of success. Thank you for reading, Charlie, and for your thoughtful comments!

  4. Cindy, how delicate the leaves look, like parchment paper. Truly life is about weathering the storm, isn’t it? Enjoying the sun when it comes out but hanging in there when the sky darkens and the rains come. Very nice.

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