Happy Spring!



We got another winter storm this week, here on Beaver Island.

It left us with a few inches of new snow, on top of what was still on the ground.

It is snowing again, now.

We’ve had enough of Winter, sure.

We had one whopper rain-to-sleet-to-snow storm in December that took down trees and disabled electrical service and left us a little bit frightened of what else the season would give us.

Beyond that, I don’t think we’ve broken any records for low temperatures or amount of snowfall.

Still, it’s been a real Winter.

Especially compared to last year, which was almost no Winter at all.

I’m hearing people say, “Enough!”

Tired of the snow. Ready for Spring.

I understand. I feel it, too.

Still, I feel a bit sentimental about snow this time of year.

This might be our last snow of the season. I get wistful.

It is just undeniably beautiful, after all, with the trees casting blue shadows across the white surface, the sun shining down…

Whatever nature gives us, it won’t last long now.

The days are longer; the sun shines brighter; the earth is warming up.

I love the Springtime. I’m ready for it.

Still, I’m happy to be watching the snow coming down, this first day of Spring!

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    • I take hundreds of photos, and just delete the bad ones. When the landscape is so beautiful, it’s easy to get a pretty picture, though. It is very unique here…I find it inspiring in many ways. Thank you, Yvonne, for reading, and for your kind comments!

  1. Winter didn’t arrive here until the end of January. I love it as long as we have snow, without it I find brown depressing and I’m ready for green things and warmer temps.

    • When I think of – and look forward to -Spring, it’s always the greening up and warming up that I think of. Actually, we always have a month of “Mud Season” before we get to that point. Cold, damp and muddy, I do not look forward to! Thanks for reading, Bob. and for your comments!

  2. I can relate to your wistful feelings. I love the stillness of wintertime and the clean, white snow. It’s when the snow turns black on the roads and the icicles pose serious physical threat that I want the green shoots of spring to show themselves. It’s time. Except we’re in for more snow this weekend. March can never make up its mind.

    • Yes, it seems like winter is going long this year. Last year, March 25, I posted a photo of daffodils, just ready to burst into bloom. Where that photo was taken, my snow shovel is propped up in a 2 foot deep mound of snow! Thanks for reading, Sara, and for your comments!

  3. Smiling that you’re feeling a bit wistful and sentimental. And remembering last year when it really wasn’t a “winter” like this one. Could you send some of your sentimentality this way? That seems like a sweet way to view the end of winter.

    • Well, I also keep reminding myself that Spring is not really what we dream about. In these big snow northern lands, Winter is replaced by Cold-Damp-Cloudy-Muddy season – which lasts too, too long – and THEN Spring! Trust me, I’m still envying you your little jaunt to Florida. This is the perfect time of year to go, when you feel like you can’t handle one more snowflake. When you get back, Spring will be underway! Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

      • You are so right about Spring not really being Spring for a long time… Wishing you could go to Florida, too, Cindy.

  4. There is such beauty in fresh fallen snow like this. Ours was all gone and the whump, we had a good foot of it come down the first day of Spring! Pretty is as pretty does, I said, now melt away quickly. heh heh

  5. the photo is gorgeous – I love snow but like you am ready for spring. I think your words “It is just undeniably beautiful, after all, with the trees casting blue shadows across the white surface, the sun shining down…” just sum it up for me! Wishing you a lovely weekend Cindy!

    • Thank you, Claire…my technique is just to take dozens of pictures and throw out the bad ones. It’s hard to take a bad one with such lovely surrounding, though. I hope your weekend is restful, too. Thank you for reading, and for your comments!

    • We appreciated the snow here in northern Michigan, too, especially with the lake levels so low. Last year, on March 25th, I took a photo of my daffodils, just about ready to bloom; this year, still buried under the snow. Thank you for reading, and for your comments!
      You have a lovely blog, by the way…I just started following it.

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