Be In Love With Yr Life



That title is thanks to Jack Kerouac, from a list of 30 points he noted to achieve creative success.

Good advice!

The entire list was pretty inspiring, from “the crazier the better” to “accept loss forever”.

I like this one best, though.

“Be in love with yr life.”

It’s simple. Profound. Easy to achieve.

In fact, I am quite successful at this particular rule.

I – yes, me, with list after list of un-kept resolutions, un-met goals, heart-ache and heart-break; me, with un-paid bills, disobedient dogs, an unfinished house and a broken-down car; me, who probably complains too much and indulges in self-pity far too often – am absolutely – wildly – in love with my life!

I have a lot to be thankful for, many things to be happy about…but that’s not really the point. If it were a tally sheet, with good and bad both noted, it would probably be a fairly even score. The older I get, the more losses there are.

Still, I’m thrilled to be here.

Every day, challenging or not, happy or not, here for the experience.

In love with my life!

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  1. I, too, wondered if that was your artwork. It is lovely, and so is this post. An all-around artist, you are. Your words are worth pondering…am I in love with my life? If I’m not in love, I have a wild infatuation with it at the very least. I’m glad you’ve found blissful love with your life.

    • Infatuation is such a great word, and a great feeling! Sometimes I think, well there’s not much of an alternative, so might as well…most of the time, though, it’s pretty amazing that we are here, and have the awareness of our circumstances to ponder these issues and that – even when things are going lousy – we always have the sun, the moon and the stars. Thanks for reading, Sara, and for your comments!

    • Oh, I think we all need to remind ourselves now and then. I think of my Dad’s voice and words when asked how life was treating him…”this is better than the alternative!” Have a great day, Claire!

    • Oh, that’s wonderful! I definitely think age and experience plays a large part in our satisfaction. We learn to take care of ourselves; we also learn what is truly valuable, rather than what we believe “should” be important. Thanks for reading, and for your comments!

  2. U R so awesome, Cindy. This is the best thing I’ve heard yet this morning. Be in love with yr life. Jack was a wise fella, and so are you. There is not a better tribute for being alive.

    • Thanks, Kathy! With age and experience comes the realization that one can whole-heartedly LOVE – a child, a spouse, an old house, or an entire life – without being happy with every aspect of it. That’s when it becomes easier to find the happiness within the experience, too, I think. Thanks for reading, and for your kind comments!

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