Happy Birthday, Jennifer!



There were times, I have to admit, mostly during Jen’s teen-age years, when time seemed to slow right down.

A few mornings that I woke up thinking, “How long can this go on??”

For the most part, though, I loved being a parent.

I love it, still, though my daughters are grown and gone, with lives and families of their own.

And, mostly, the years have flown by leaving only memories snagged as the days rushed past.

The answer, I can say with certainty, is “Not long enough!”.

Happy, happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, Jennifer!

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  1. So true Cindy we pray to get thru that stuff and before you know it they are grown and gone.So I say to all parents take the good with the bad and don’t rush it…. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!

  2. Thanks Mom! I love you and all the memories we built and continue to build. They may be fewer but no less fabulous. ❤

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